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Have quick access to all your flights, accommodation, and car rental information in one view. 

The free travel planning app to organize your trip itineraries, store your travel documents, and much more.

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Automate your trip itinerary with Trotteo.

Automated Trip Itinerary

Tired of searching trip bookings from your emails or using different apps? 

Avoid the struggle and become a Trotteo user to have an automated, step by step itinerary of your journey in a simplified view. 

Check out how it works here!

Scan Health Certificate

Travel safe by providing proof of your COVID-19 test results, quarantine details, and vaccination certificate. 

For citizens in countries supporting the EU UK digital health certificate, you can easily scan or upload the QR code in Trotteo, and all the information will be added automatically. 

Verify and store your digital health certificate.
Upload documents for quick and easy access.

Store Travel Documents

Upload your travel documents such as passenger locator forms, boarding pass, and visa forms for quick access at any time. You can also share and link your documents to Trotteo without the need to download to your phone. 

Offline Access

Unable to connect online? Worry not! 

All your trip itinerary and travel documents are available for offline use. You can access your trip plans in flight mode or from places where internet connectivity is limited.

Navigate through Trotteo in offline mode

Real Time Alerts

Save the hassle of finding an airport monitoring board to check your flight notifications. 

Trotteo keeps you updated on boarding times, boarding gates, delays, and cancellations, close to real-time. 

Have real-time flight notifications of your trip

Weather Forecast

Need to know the weather at the correct location at the right time to better plan your trip?  

Get a personalised weather forecast adapted to the itinerary waypoints, be it at the airport, accommodation city, or in a different city for an excursion. 

View weather forecast at each waypoint of your trip
Share trip details with family, friends, and other travellers

Share Trip Details

Keep your family and friends informed of your trip.

Share part or all your trip details with your loved ones, even if they are not Trotteo users yet.